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Electric Deathbeat Drops Double Album Whammy: "A Ghost Triangle" & "The Past Beats Of The Death"

Grab your leather jackets and crank up the volume because Finnish modern metal maestros, Electric Deathbeat, delivered a double dose of sonic fury earlier this year. Their second album, "A Ghost Triangle" and the accompanying EP, "The Past Beats Of The Death", dropped on February 20th, 2024, via Sliptrick Records. If you haven’t given these a listen yet, clear your schedule now.
Hailing from the icy realms of Oulu, Northern Finland, Electric Deathbeat have fine-tuned their sound since their 2015 debut, "Dead Echo Paranoia". "A Ghost Triangle" takes their signature blend of melodic death metal to new heights with 12 tracks that are both brutally aggressive and hauntingly melodic. Imagine getting punched in the face, then hugged by a ghost—yeah, it’s that kind of album.
From the relentless opener "Acid Feast" to the anthemic "Non Serviam", this album dives deep into heavy themes like depression, sorrow, and societal corruption. The band's versatility is on full display, especially with their vocal range that effortlessly shifts from clean singing to harsh, guttural growls. And let’s not forget the kantele—a traditional Finnish instrument that adds a mystical folk twist to tracks like "Regenerate Babalon" and "Immune," making them even more enchanting.
The first single, "Cycle of Loss", perfectly captures the band’s aggressive yet melodic essence, while "Bodies" offers a slightly softer, more introspective look at sorrow and loss, with a sliver of hope shining through. The album’s grand finale, "Extinct Indeed," hints at even darker themes to come, serving as a powerful second single.
Acid Feast
Destroy Eden
Cycle Of Loss
A Gale Inside The Tenth
Non Serviam
Regenerate Babalon
Sweet Vertigo
Swallow Our Night
Concrete Waters (featuring Lasse Sivertsen)
Extinct Indeed
Alongside their new album, Electric Deathbeat treated us to "The Past Beats Of The Death," an EP that digs up older tracks composed back in 2013-2014. Think of it as the missing link between the formation of the band and their debut album. These three songs—"Liquid Tranceformation", "Under Thy Skin" and "Lizard Mode Overdose"—have been fan favorites in live sets and serve as a nostalgic nod to the band's early days.
Liquid Tranceformation
Under Thy Skin
Lizard Mode Overdose

"A Ghost Triangle" is a masterclass in modern melodic death metal. It’s aggressive, melancholic, and hauntingly beautiful. Standout tracks like "Cycle of Loss" and "Non Serviam" demonstrate Electric Deathbeat’s knack for complex compositions infused with raw emotion. Coupled with the EP, "The Past Beats Of The Death," this release not only solidifies their place in the metal scene but also promises an exciting future.
Electric Deathbeat’s double release is a must-listen for any metalhead looking to explore the darker, more melodic corners of the genre. So, crank it up, let the music wash over you, and prepare to be blown away.
Don’t miss out on this epic double release. Dive into "A Ghost Triangle" and "The Past Beats Of The Death" on all major streaming services now!