Selias - "HEADSHOT"

Elour - "Blood Running"

Kingsphere - "Illusionist"


Akphaezya - "Fell Down The Veil"

EKO - "Déficit d'Humanité"

Final Cry - "Zombique"

Maailman Äänet - "Kaksi sutta"

Lifeboats - "Confessions"

Numento - "Singularity"

King of None - "In the Realm"

Alkhemia - "Abraxas"

Dead Tree Seeds - "Toxic Thoughts"

Near Death Experience - "Brief Is The Light"

Slave To Sin - "Control and Beliefs"


Phantom Witch - "Forced to Worship"

Distartica - "In Silence They Scream"

Post Pulse - "My Hate Runs Blood Red"

Bless Her EviL - "We Are Mystery"