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Pressure - Ingen Som Hör Dig (Taken from album "PATH OF A SHADOW")

Seven Spires - Gods Of Debauchery

Metal Allegiance - Can't Kill The Devil

HELLRAISER - Mother Holle

Everwaiting Serenade - Lungwork

SUB POWER SUN - "Parasitic Noise"

Amoth - The Hour Of The Wolf

Haeresis - Face The Void

Inner Torture - Fear

Morost - The Conundrum

Hedonihil - Self-Harm Meditation

Brackish Tide - Angel no More

La Nausée - Split

Crawling Manifest - World War III

Vincent Crowley - "La Muerte"

Discord, Nevermind a Hung Parliament, We Want a Hanged Parliament

Dead Shape Figure - Stupidity Breeds False Idols

Sense Of Noise - Our Dying Light