Leftover Bullets - No Majesty

Guitar Day

Tonic Breed - Fuel the Fire [feat. Dirk Verbeuren and Bernt Jansen]

Eufory - Day for Night

The Almas - "Cage"

Our Last Crusade - Death Wins

Carrion - Abaddon’s Pit

An Evening With Knives

Mindless Hope - Void

Dead City Ruins - The Sorcerer

Mortalus - Intended Victims

Psychomancy - Vimana

Incinerate - Back to Reality

Tyrmfar - Of Ice and Blood (Official Guitar Playthrough)

D Patrol - Volume 1

Mirthless's first live performance at Haunting the Castle Festival IV

Eternal Returns - The Wolf Among Sheep Teaser

Exelerate - Release

MadHouse - Voodoo Doll

Kings Winter - Edge Of Existence