Alterlight - Free

Mask Of Satan - Corpsewitch

Motherslug - Hordes

Cromagnum - Tunguska

Rebel Priest - Back Alley Blues

Rylos - Icebreaker (feat. Piritta Lumous)

Weapon - Take It Or Leave It

OneFromTheNorth - Menial

Unfair Fate - When silence falls

Ryder - Lilan's Lullaby

Naitaka - Hatchet Through Heartwood

Aoidos - Black Swan

Lee O'Nell Blues Gang - Don't Hate Me Because I'm Happy

DESTROYERS OF ALL - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

NoSelf - Whore Bath

In-Tension - Divided

Disillusive Play - Queen Of the Night

Toledo Death Fest 2023

Cyrox - Blackened Mind

Incinerate - Back to Reality