Bloodrunner - Bloodrunner

Dead Never Sleep - "Origins of Evil"

Immortal Guardian - "Unite and Conquer"

Thundermother - "I Left My License In The Future"

Mirror of Haze - "Flamescapes of Eden"

Comaniac - Start The Madness (From Album None For All)

ABHCAN - "Build & Break"

ABHCAN - The Pit

AboutMeemo - "Zugzwang"

Viva La Wolfe - "Prosperity"

Strigampire - All To Dominate

Nira Nise - The Witch Unburned

Gun Recoil - "Underground Prison"

Furious Cartel - "Medication"

Raining Nails - "Human Deeds"

Neocracy - Torment

Chris Manning - Reach The Sky

Furies ft. Brittney Slayes - "Poisoned"

The Fixer - "Your Lie"