MERCENARY - "Soundtrack To The End of Times"

Hunter - Rebel Angels Rise

Grindpad - Santa Cruz

DodenGod - A Storm In The Emptyness

State of Mind

Welcome to Pleshiwar - "Apostasy"

CATALYST - Fire in the Engine Room

Omnivortex - Circulate

Lord Volture - Line 'em Up!

EXIT – On This Side or the Other

ST. MADNESS - LAST RITES: The Final Blessing

Midnight Fracture - The Silence

The Uneven - "Don't Blame Me"

Chris Maragoth - On the Brink of

Bullethead - "Skin and Bone EP"

Overman - "It Is All Overman"

TakaLaiton - Mindfection

Zubzero - Frostbite

PatriarcH - "Demonic Heart"

Furiapolis - "HopeOrHate"