Post Pulse - "My Hate Runs Blood Red"

Bless Her EviL - "We Are Mystery"

Bad Mary - Better Days

Bury The Shadows - "Born To Rock"

The Magic Bus

INNER AXIS - "Midnight Forces"

The Dreadful Tides - "Fire in the Hole"

M1ke - "Thy Wolves & The Siege"

CloZure - “The Devil Effect”

Dark Bridge - "The Lord of the Black"

Devourer - "The Wicked Ones"

Immortal Sÿnn - "Lady Nocturna"

Lacuna Coil - In The Mean Time (feat. Ash Costello)

Katana - Flame of Life

EMBR to Set Tennessee Ablaze at Metal Devastation Music Fest 2024

Stoned Space - II

Interview Tanork

Dishumanized - "The Maze of Solitude"

Virgins Blood of Čachtice - "YHWH"

Deep Within - "Deep Within"

Boogeyman - "Boogeyman"

Bottenhavet - "Ljud i tysta rum"

Scarlet Aura - "Tu"

Silent Agreement - “Down to a Sunless Sea”

Olathia - "The Forest Witch"

Vrykolakas - "Nocturnal Dominion of Death"

Caeli Concept - "Lunaison"

APOTHEUS - "Re:union"

Signum Regis - "No Middle Ground"

Kiss - "I Was Made For Lovin' You"

CHARCOAL - "One Night of Rock’n’Roll"

Helms Deep - "Treacherous Ways"

Lesbian Bed Death - "The Mummy's Tomb"

Renegade Angel - "Jokesters"


Bronze - "Tyrant's Spell"

Charcoal - "One Night of Rock’n’Roll"

Furies - “Stars Of Burning Lands"

Transonic Science - "Psychobulb"

ENTHEOS - "An End to Everything"

W't'M - "Cold has Come"

Riffless - "Ghost is a Woman"

Noiz Ritual - "Abuse Me"