Incinerate - Back to Reality

Callidice - Treehouse

Pantheon - Death is in the Air (from Album "Empire in Ruin")

Pronostic – Chaotic Upheaval

Leather - We Are The Chosen

KINGS WINTER - Edge Of Existence

Endless Exam - I Ain't Your Toy

nonvector - Ethereal Hypervisor

Red Cain - NÄE'BLISS

Pontillo and The Vintage Crew - Long Time Gone

Phoenix Rising - El Temor de un Hombre Sabio

Ethereal Void - Seeds of Hatred

Pestilence - "Exitivm"

Hand of Fate - "Messengers of Hope"

Shadow Work - Say Hello To Your Demise

KRASHKARMA - Falling To Pieces

Medevil - Among Thieves

Under Attack - Meatgrinder

Wooden Shadow - Eternal Land Of Wrath And Mourn

Entering Polaris - The Tempest And The Sea

Arthrosis - Spirit Journey

Jeff Bergey - Here is the battle to find it in the sun

CC and the Devils Pick - My Friend The Crow

IGNEA - Incurable Disease

Call Of The Siren - Hollow

Hibria - War Cry

Candlemass - Sweet Evil Sun

Dååth - No Rest No End

Skox - Years of legions

Supreme Court - It's Been a While

Oscenrad - Beneath the Ancient Sky

Daily Insanity - Chronicles Of War