Eve's Bite - "Blessed in Hell"

Ancient Settlers - "Tales From The Earth"

Lachlan Horne

Retched - "The Overlord Messiah"

Animamortua - "Gods Among Us"

Interview Hellburn

Oxidize - "Rockstar"

Heads Up - "The Way Of The Cure"

Bass Warrior Tour

Declination - Ancestry Devour


Thrashy Time Wanted Radio

Hatred Reigns - "To Depths Unknown"

YUUGE - "Zepperiah"

Primordial Black - Monas Hieroglyphica

Endlevel - "Weekend War"

Nekrodawn - "ORIGIN OF TERROR"

Descent Rises - "Far From Glory"

Emergency Rule - "Corporation"

Marble Ghosts - "Old School"

72 Legions - "What A God Could Be"

Deadly Carnage - "Endless Blue"

We don't care - "Shitty Song"

The Magic Bus - "Σε Άγνωστα Νερά" (Into Uncharted Waters)

Sweet Crystal - "Whatever Is Needed, Whatever It Takes"

Yesterday Mass - "I Know You"

Garden of Stone - "Tides of Decay"

Prophecy - "Twisted Reality"

Crush The Core - "ROOM#HATE"

Aphrodia Okkulta - Die Kreatur

Octane - Back In The Game

3000 AD - The Void

Heavy Crown - Stranger Things Can Happen

PALOOKA - "Save Yourself"

Fear The Fate - "My Time" (From EP Fight The Fear)

Wizzerd - "Space?: Issue No.001"

ILDSJÆL - "Untrue"

Tropic Santos - "Caccia Grossa"


Primordial Black - "MONAS HIEROGLYPHICA"

Jeff Loomis Departs ARCH ENEMY

LAST BREED - "Devil To Pay"

Maze of Terror - "Offer to the Fucking Beasts"